Unsolved Crimes

2015-002425 – Burglary

2015-002121 – Theft

2015-000323 – Commercial Burglary

2015-000169 – Theft/Vehicle Burglary

2014-003063 – Check Fraud

2014-003366 – Burglary

2014-001860 – Burglary

2014-002251 – Fraud

2014-001757 – Vehicle Burglary

2014-001612 – Retail Theft

2014-001259 – Theft

2014-001108 – Vehicle Burglary

2014-000962 – Retail Theft

2014-000908 – Fraud

2014-000662 – Theft

2014-000513 – Theft

2014-000196 – Fraud

2013-004011 – Retail Theft

Please click on each link above to view images and descriptions of people/crimes the Bountiful City Police Department is currently trying to identify and solve.  Please keep in mind these people are merely suspects, and everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.  If you recognize anyone, or have information that can help, please contact the investigator in charge of the case.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bountiful Police Department is to provide the highest quality police services to the Community of Bountiful. To ensure public safety, order and equal protection under the law. To treat each person with dignity and respect by pledging ourselves to professionalism and integrity.


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